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The Best Four Percent Challenge Review |?Don’t Join Until You Read This


Four Percent Challenge Review 2020

Four Percent Challenge Review 2020

Four percent Challenge offers many programs for the success pills challenge that includes:

Internet Traffic Academy | Affiliate Marketing Academy | eStage Software| Insta Traffic Mastery |    SEO Mastery| Facebook Fan Page Domination and many more that give its client online occupation and produce a significant volume of income per month.

Four Percent Success Challenge Membership gives us different levels of success challenge with accessible Tools available, with different level of success pills and Opportunity to make money by learning skills

Four Percent Challenge Review Summarry 

Product Name

FourPercent Success Challenge 4.0

Product Creator

Vick Strizheus.

Product Type

Affiliate Marketing & Mindset Training .




$1497 lifetime


Quality Training

Money back

Live Chat

3 /5
4 /5
5 /5

Editors Overall Rating

Why motivating people to earn money on Four Percent Challenge?

Today’s digital era has given us enormous possibilities. We have now every kind of tool to access information on the Internet and use it for our own benefit. 

This includes learning various things, buying products, and most importantly making money online. 

There is a common perception that making money is tightly linked to having a job with standard working hours or having big connections that will eventually help to find a job with standard working hours.

But this has changed long ago, and making money online came to our lives as an alternative way. 

We have come to understand that making money is not a linear process that happens slowly. 

Rather, making money is a process of using online alternatives, being aware of different possibilities, and having the urge to use them practically. 

This Four Percent mindset makes it possible to make money online from home or wherever you want by using your time and energy efficiently. 

It also reveals the key answer to our favorite question of making money, which is to act quickly and discover what the Internet has to offer.

The latest online developments have been proving that you can make money online. Depending on what you want, you first need to find the best online option that is compatible with your lifestyle.



So who is Vick Strizheus?

I stumbled upon one of Vick’s sale’s funnels and was quite enthusiastic about what he had to offer.  That I could make $5000 within the week. 

I promptly joined, as I do enjoy following steps to learn better marketing techniques and he seemed to have the goods for obtaining that.

After lots of research on Vick, I soon discovered he is quite well known for creating other programs like Big Idea Mastermind and High Traffic Academy (which I do believe don’t exist anymore). 

Vick does teach you a lot of tried and tested methods in marketing so his knowledge there is quite good to learn from.

We can guarantee you success with our course! Start now and become the one of the best!

What You Will Find In this Review

This is one of the most modernized Four Percent Challenge Review, which you’ll invent on the web.

It’s imperative to know that there are many article disparities appealing a straightforward Four Percent Appraisal or “100% exposed.” or is it a cheat?

Well, they are all OLD-FASHIONED.

  • What is the 4 Percent Group?
  • Is it legit?
  • Will it help you form your online occupation and produce a significant volume of income per month?

 I will try to cover all areas below this broad and neutral review.

What is FourPercent Success Challenge 4.0?

Four Percent Challenge is an online education podium that focuses predominantly on entrepreneurship and other online marketing models—namely, affiliate marketing and sales funnels.

The FourPercent Success Challenge is best appropriate for those people who want to make money by endorsing other people’s merchandise as a self-regulating affiliate marketer or want to create their own product.

What You Get Under the Training?

The Four percent Group offers its followers with amazing content that will positively aid them to jumpstart their online careers. 

Once you sign up, you will get immediate contact only to the first level course named Four Percent Success Challenge, which includes the following modules:

  • $0-$10K Core Training System ($2,997 Value)
  • Private Offers Marketplace ($997 Value)
  • Implementation Mastermind ($10,000 Value)
  • Mass Traffic Blueprint Master Class ($497 Value)
  • Automated Selling Machines ($1,997 Value)
  • FourPercent Promo Partner ($1,497 Value)
  • FourPercent MSI Ecosystem ($4,997 Value)
  • Private Community ($500 Value)
  • 24/7/365 LIVE Support (Priceless!)
  • Get Featured in Funnels and ASMs (Priceless!)

Once you have earned $10k, then the Four Percent Group will expose the second level & third level training for you.

Also being a participant stretches your admittance to gears and funds high-class to members only.

Four Percent Success Challenge Membership Area

What you’ll learn Exclusive in Each Levels?

Level 1 – $10K Success Challenge:

This is the initial level of Four Percent Success Challenge, beneath which you will learn how to drive from zero to $10K at your personal pace.

You mainly jump grossing your first dollar online as an affiliate marketer. Because once you’ve started earning $10K, you’ll be able to travel on to level 2 (100K).

Hurried evolution and improvement are exceedingly reliant on how you originally existing the product across the online market.

The $10K Success Challenge embraces of 30 conferences. Each conference has at least 5 altered videos, steps, and tasks that you required to complete.

Its day-to-day preparation rotates around having the right mindset, exploring great products that are in the mandate, aiming the right guests for your content and product, and emerging your website/hub

Level 2 – $100K Success Challenge:

Not plentiful is known concerning this challenge subsequently it is not yet released.

But Four Percent previously out some of the fundamental assistance that you can advance during this level.

The skills like adjusting bulk elevation strategies, heaping syndicated commissionable products, customized systems, and learning how to be influential as well as dominant.

It’s almost like it progresses upon the newly developed aids from the previous level.

Level 3 – $1M Success Challenge:

This challenge is not yet available, but it’ll be open once the previous level has been completed. Every member hopes to unravel this level.

Even completing level 2 is rather you should be proud of, because, at the end of the day, it’s your utter hard work that engendered those results.

And that’s what Vick is trying to transport at the very start of this challenge—the right mindset. Under this level, you’ll be learning a lot of things about raising marketing campaigns, strategic system scaling, setting up income organizations, and how to recruit a public symbol prestige.

This level routinely adopts that you’re already successful since reaching $1M is absolutely an excessive feat that earnest of tribute.

Four Percent Challenge Success Pills:

Every day you get entree to new victory pill. You can only look out one success pill video per day.

Once you finish viewing existing day training, then you want to stain the training as complete by clicking on the checkbox, and this will unlock the next day’s video for you.

However, this original video will be available only after 24 hours of completing the lesson.

It Shows:

  • FourPercent Entrepreneur
  • Coaching with Vick
  • The Journey

MSI: The Money Making Opportunity:

Every day you get entree to new victory pill. You can only look out one success pill video per day.

Once you finish viewing existing day training, then you want to stain the training as complete by clicking on the checkbox, and this will unlock the next day’s video for you.

However, this original video will be available only after 24 hours of completing the lesson.

It Shows:

  • FourPercent Entrepreneur
  • Coaching with Vick
  • The Journey

Four Percent Challenge MSI

To acquire promoted with the MSI Programs, you have to link their affiliate program.

About 90% of the affiliate programs are nearly free to join, which include 👇👇👇👇👇👇

for website
For Website
Email Marketing

However only a scarce such as Partner with Anthony and WorldVentures charge you some savings.

 Please note that these two programs are not obligatory to join, you can skip it.

Awesome Community for Getting Help

Four Percent Challenge Community

Vick has formed a remarkable FourPercent members-only community where you get to encounter, cooperate with, hang out, and learn from your corresponding FourPercenters!

Under the membership area, you will catch links to altered social media podiums like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Apart from this, the Four Percent also structures a Facebook Group, which presently has more than 25,000 members and is one of the most dynamic groups on Facebook.

By joining the private members-only Facebook group, not only will you be able to network with your fellow FourPercenters, but you’ll be between the first to get about all cool updates, announcements, hang out with Vick, and of course, have a lot of fun!

Top Mark Support System:

I really appreciate the Four Percent’s Live Chat Option, as it offers a direct explanation to your problem.

The instantaneous messaging feature bids 24/7 live chat support and on best of that, you will accept a complete transcription of your discussion which will assist as a situation in the future.

Apart from this, the Four Percent Group also proposal an email support system, so that if forever you practice any login difficulties or some other problems concerning your account.

Just send them an email & they will resolve the concern within 24 to 48 hours. They energetically answer to any practice of queries, whether it is a question, requests, or even suggestions.

The Tools you need

According to what Vick says, to make money, you will need these tools:

What are the Four Percent Challenge Pricing?

The FourPercent Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketing cost:

$197/month or a One-Time Payment of $498 

Other Cost Involved with Four Percent Success Challenge

Apart from paying $498 for Four Percent Success Challenge (one-time), you need a slightest economical of about $750+ to buy some most very important  tools & products which will help you for your success, such as

  • Domain, which cost $47.4/year
  • Website Hosting, which cost $28/year.
  • ClickFunnels Price:$97 per month 
  • Link tracker to cloak your links $27/month
  • Autoresponder, which cost $15/month
Total Per Month: $139
Total Per Year: $75.7

Apart from the above cost, you need the lowest budget of $200 to $500 per month but only if you want faster results through Paid Traffic.

Core Products




Affiliate Product

Success Challenge*


WordPress Hosting






WordPress Theme




Total $17.95/Month

Once: $919

 Solo Ad Traffic : $200/Month

(Or free Organic Traffic)

My Cheaper Product Alternatives




WordPress Hosting






WordPress Theme




Digital Marketing Mastermind 



Total $17.95/Month

Once: $249

 Solo Ad Traffic: $100/Month

(Or  free Organic Traffic)

What are the Core Products of Four Percent Group?

As of now, Four Percent has four core products, which are as under Four Percent Success Challenge.

This is Four Percent’s foremost entry product or signature program. It has a one-time payment that costs $497.

This challenge is not about how much currency you can make, it’s about how you can fascinate scenarios by doing the stuff you love to do.

Only through appetite and determination, you can receive a solid income.

And that’s what the Four Percent Success Challenge tries to instill on subscribers.

It may sound simple, but that’s because Vick made it so. This program is created to help applicants harvest solid grades through simple step-by-step procedures.

This is great because this technique is apparently a bit intricate at best, but Vick succeeded to form a cooler director to make a profit online through affiliate marketing.

Internet Traffic Mastery

A superior level training database that benefits produce high levels of traffic.

As the name recommends, this sequencer purposes to distribute a modest and summarizing technique on how to create traffic while answering any associated questions along the way.

It communicates you how to accomplish infinite volumes of traffic to all sorts of domains.

Driving traffic to your trademark or website is the solitary toughest thing to accomplish, at least according to a recent survey on business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you’re a blogger, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, or literally anyone who trusts on traffic to make a revenue, this Internet Traffic Mastery is the one for you.

It refuges everything traffic-related and describes these topics one by one. It costs $1,997 which also has a payment option of $765 that can simply be paid three times.

It does cost pretty a lot, but its packages embrace lifetime admittance and surefire first-class level content.

eStage by Vick Strizheus

 eStage is an exceptional, convention WordPress refrain that is explicitly made for entrepreneurs.

This stand will give you a “stage” for your content that will support cabinet any of your products or affiliate links.

It can be a full-blown website, a personal blogging page, or even a branding system that is needed to businesspersons who want to take marketing to the subsequent level.

Usually, social media is used to fascinate guests, and later on, generate traffic. But since social media can suddenly modification their processes on a random note, your business can be exaggerated greatly.

That’s when eStage comes into the picture. Instead of trusting on social networking sites that you have unconditionally no controller over, you can just use them and link these interpretations openly to your eStage website.

That way, all generated traffic will from these networks stay in your hub/website, regardless of any algorithm change.

It is also value noting that having your own website, irrespective if it has an eStage theme, can upsurge your lawfulness and brand consultant during the internet.

Only if it’s done right. This WordPress plugin originally costs $997, but since it’s 50% off, it now costs $497. Although it may return to its imaginative price without prior notice.

eStage Academy by Nigel Yates 

eStage Academy is principally an exercise segment that will support you set up your own fundamental hub all by yourself.

It offers a profound considerate of how the refrain works, how to interfere or alter it, and how to adjust and continue it.

The training is complete with tools and other important information about WordPress that goes outside the basics.

It’s an extravagant module that supports the handler has a fresh start in forming their own central hub for their online marketing career.

As of now, eStage Academy costs $297 (Discounted from $997).  It may be expensive but it does what it assured, which is to give you a good grasp of WordPress basics and tools.

Main products in the Four Percent Group

The main products by the four percent group (owned by the company) are:

  • The Four Percent Success Challenge (Signature Program)
  • eStage (WordPress plugin for Website / Hub)
  • E eStage Academy (eStage Training)
  • Control of Internet traffic (traffic generation)
  • The best tools recommended by four percent
  • The four percent group recommends these basic tools (thirds):
  • Web Hosting (install and manage your website)
  • Traffic (paid advertising)
  • Funnel Builder (direct traffic on your offers and list)
  • Email management (autoresponder)

Four percent product ecosystem

Four Percent reviews all of its products and makes sure they are only the best.

Also, they determine which products to build and which are for the origin.

In both cases, reputable instructors or marketers with proven experience teach you.

Some of the free products include:

  • Secrets of Instagram
  • Secrets E-COM
  • FB Fan Page Domination
  • Taxes and corporate structures
  • List of construction strategies
  • The four percent affiliate program
  • A native open-loop marketing system

How to promote products at four percent

Before you can join the four percent affiliate program, you need to create a free account.

Therefore, it is necessary to complete the application process and obtain approval.

Once approved, you can start promoting their products using the referral links provided by clicking on the “link” icon for each product.

Earn 30% to 100% commissions

Once you’ve created a four percent group account, you’ll earn 30% commissions on products based on four percent as a promotional partner.

You will have the chance to earn up to 60% commission based on your results. When Vick promotes your affiliate marketing tools built into each product and course, you earn 100% of the commissions.

For example, ClickFunnels will pay you 40% if you entered Clickfunnels from four percent account created by your affiliate link.

Get paid as a four percent affiliate

Before being paid through the Four Percent Affiliate Program (promotional partner), the following conditions must be met:

  1. Have an appropriate Paypal account – Receive a payment
  2. Get the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – To take into account any returns
  3. Have accumulated $100 or more

Commission affiliated with third parties

For all third-party tools recommended in the four percent group, the percentage that can be ordered is based on the company in question.

This means that recommended tools such as Clickfunnels, Autoresponders, Clickmagick, etc. They all have their affiliate program.

You join them separately from their company website and you are paid according to the terms and conditions of each company.

Multi-source Affiliate Link Integrator (MSI)

The four percent affiliate program includes a “supplement” of multiple sources of revenue for all third-party affiliate programs.

This is by far the most crucial feature to discover in this four percent review. Although they do not belong directly to four percent, the four percent system is linked when you place your affiliate links in their MSI ecosystem.

As soon as you create your free four percent group account as a member, you will have the opportunity to integrate your revenue streams into more than one hundred different third-party platforms.

Refund Policy

The four percent group is dedicated to giving each customer with exceptional service. They do it so that you are comfortable with them.

However, as their business gives you immediate access to their products, a 30-day refund policy is applied from the date of purchase.

This 30-day refund policy applies only to programs (if you are not completely satisfied with one of these programs), you will receive a full refund, and no questions will be asked.

Just contact support, and you will be refunded. It is also vital that you know that some of their subscription or event products are non-refundable.

This does not include the four percent challenge, but others, such as summit and event tickets, are non-refundable.

What are the FREE Courses?

  • Traffic Generation Strategies by Vick Strizheus
  • Facebook – PPC Secrets by Adrian Morrison
  • Fan page Domination by Anthony Morrison
  • List Building Strategies by Vick Strizheus
  • eCom Secrets by Shubham Singh
  • Wealth Building Blueprint by Vick Strizheus
  • Irresistible Influence by Dave Vanhoose
  • The 5 Laws by Tony Horton
  • Taxes & Business Structures by Jack Cohen
  • Irresistible Offer Blueprint by Dustin Mathews
  • You’re Enough by Forbes Riley
  • Unstoppable Momentum by Dave Seymore
  • Beyond Results by Daven Michaels
  • Path to Dominations by Chris Record
  • Instagram Secrets by Tim Karsliyev
  • Creating Legacy by Les Brown

What are Paid Courses?

SEO Mastery by Josh Earp

($497 – Currently 50% OFF on Normal Price of $997)

Insta Traffic Mastery by Tim Karsliyev

($497 – Currently 50% OFF on Normal Price of $997)

eCom Entrepreneur by Shubham Singh

($497 – Currently 75% OFF on Normal Price of $1997)

The Four Percent Challenge a Scam?

I will say NO, the Four Percent Challenge or Four Percent is not a scam, Vick doesn’t promise you can earn $10K in 60 days, half-year or what.

He said once you reach the 10K goal, you can go to the next level, no matter how long it takes. It’s true, you can earn money if you follow the program.

Here’s the point, every day Vick will emphasize the importance of sticking with the program and you will only succeed if you don’t deviate from the plan.

Here in The Four Percent Challenge, Vick teaches you “a” way to earn money online, of course, it will work, but is it “the only way” or “the best way” to earn money online?

How Fast Can You Make Money?

Taking the Four Percent Challenge is not a fast thing. If you have little to no experience, high stress, are unemployed, at risk of losing a job, need money to pay off some big emergency, etc. you most likely will not do well.

In fact, statistics say, “you’ll more than likely quit before you even had a chance.” With the Success Challenge you are being taught how to build a business the right way.

To do it correctly is to build into a life-long skill. This is a career path of being patient and doing the daily boring tasks that will produce results in the future.

There is no deadline set in stone anywhere. The money will be invested in learning skills and placing advertisements.

It’s also used to pay for the tools and services you’ll need in order to be positioned to make money in the future. People have been trying to build an online business for years now.

The good ones stuck it out and are the reason they can build what seems like a faster business. …But little do you know the blood, sweat, and tears it took to acquire their speed.

The reason they know they can turn around and make money in 30 days is because they have developed a proven track record.

You need to do that for yourself as well. You need to show yourself you can build an audience online by having content created, people joining your email list, people following your social media, clicking your advertisements, etc.

Who is it for and How Does it Work?

I would say this program is for the more intermediate to an advanced marketer.When you start you are taken through 7 Steps that consist of the following:

STEP 1:   The plan details and strategy for winning

STEP 2:   Payment Account setup

STEP 3:    Funnels set up (This is where you WILL have to purchase the Clickfunnel at $97)

STEP 4:   Activating multiple streams of income (This is where you will have to purchase other tools, even Tecamdemics high ticket product if you want to promote it)


NOTE ALSO:  Step 3 and 4 are where you insert your affiliate links.


STEP 5:   Activate your power base, to allegedly get results fast

STEP 6:  Get connected

STEP 7:   Start Operation $100K Training

Moving forward with operation $100K, this is where he teaches you how to build landing pages and get people in front of these. 

You are shown how to use paid methods like Google Adwords, Solo Ads, Bing, Facebook Ads, and also other ways.

What I have struggled with in the past with not only Four Percent but also with other programs, is they do not teach you how to build a base or foundation for your internet business.


  • Very High Quality Training
  • Multiple Streams of Income Opportunity
  • Live Chat Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Clear objectives and directions to follow
  • All the tools you need are available
  • The best market ecosystem generating more revenue


  • Price is not affordable for everyone, but worth the investment.
  • Keep Changing Pricing Plans
  • One session per day
  • A high threshold that is expensive at the beginning

What I Like ...

What I Dislike ...

 Who is This Exercise Package for?

This training is best for newbies, who are looking to start their career in Affiliate Marketing. 

Who Should NOT Enroll?

The only one that I can recommend to not enroll in those who cannot simply have enough money the package due to its pricing.

Although I approve the price is costly, the excellence of drill and tools you can entrance are really good and are actually required for your growth.

It is confidently fit for learners, but you cannot meet the expense of it yet; it is best to grasp off on buying it


I have found that many websites have printed forged four percent challenge reviews because their only determination is to endorse some other corporation products and get promoted through it.

However, you will not found such a thing in my review, because I individually went through the exercise and participated in my money to advancement my contribution to become a lifetime, Four Percent member.

I am very happy with my FourPercent Subscription, as by following this course, I educated too many things concerning Affiliate Marketing, and also it facilitated me in feat Time, Location, & Financial Freedom.

Thus, I highly recommend the Four Percent Challenge.

I hope you will find my inclusive Four Percent Challenge Review Revealing & Cooperative. But, I love to hear your opinion about the Four Percent Success Challenge. Also, If you like the Review please subscribe to the Four Percent.


I have found that many websites have printed forged four percent challenge reviews because their only determination is to endorse some other corporation products and get promoted through it. However, you will not found such a thing in my review, because I individually went through the exercise and participated in my money to advancement my contribution to become a lifetime, Four Percent member.

I am very happy with my FourPercent Lifetime Subscription, as by following this course, I educated too many things concerning Affiliate Marketing, and also it facilitated me in feat Time, Location, & Financial Freedom. Thus, I highly recommend the Four Percent Challenge.

I hope you will find my inclusive Four Percent Challenge Review Revealing & Cooperative. But, I love to hear your opinion about the Four Percent Success Challenge. Also, If you like the Review please subscribe to the Four Percent.


Most frequent questions and answers

The FourPercent Success Challenge for Affiliate Marketing costs $197/month or a One-Time Payment of $498. 

The success of this program solely depends on your mindset. If you start this challenge with a positive mindset and with full-faith, then you definitely see good results. However, if you remain doubtful, then it will be hard to get results with this program. Vick believes it’s all about having the right mindset in order to achieve the desired results.

Once you become a member of Four Percent, you will automatically be granted 30% commission on all their products.  And don’t forget – every single customer you that you bring to four percent is hard-coded to you for as long as you stay active with us. That means, that when any of your referred customers purchase any other products from FourPercent product marketplace at any time, ever – you will continue to earn 30% on each of those additional sales 100% passively!

Apart from that, you will also earn affiliate commission Add the commissions earned from third-party affiliate links, as per four percent affiliate program.

Four Percent Success Challenge has a 30-day refund policy on all their programs.

Four Percent Challenge is Affiliate Marketing Training & Implementation System in the World, which includes everything you need to start and grow your own highly successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

To become an affiliate, you need to create an account with Four Percent. Click Here To Subscribe

Four Percent Challenge is Affiliate Marketing Training & Implementation System in the World, which includes everything you need to start and grow your own highly successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

You can log in to the Inbox Blueprint Membership area by clicking here.

Visit this link​ to contact Four Percent Support Team

So, to call Four Percent Group a scam is not appropriate. To date, Vick has helped a lot of people produce solid results, and everything checks out. It’s hard to trust someone with a past like Vick, but a person’s past doesn’t define who he really is. In fact, Vick tried his hardest to come out and changed for the better.

Now, he became one of the most prominent figures in affiliate marketing and assists those who are interested in the industry through training programs and other useful tools.

A majority of the user testimonials are really positive and are enough to say that Four Percent is not a scam.

If you join the Four Percent Facebook group, you’ll see a lot of satisfied members posting about their first earnings and how happy they are. It’s far from being a scam and it’s definitely legit.


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